Weight Inclusive Health Certificate Program

The University of Arizona is launching a new Weight Inclusive Health Certificate program. This non-credit professional development certificate program aims to provide healthcare providers with foundational knowledge of weight inclusive care. Here is a link for more information and to enroll in courses: https://ce.arizona.edu/wihealth-certificate If you or anyone in the helping professions is interested in getting CEs please feel free to share! The Certificate in Weight Inclusive Care offers four different 10-week courses that explore weight bias, weight inclusive frameworks, eating disorders, and counseling from a weight inclusive lens. The courses are designed and facilitated by University of Arizona School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness faculty members. This non-credit professional development is open to all. You do not need prior healthcare experience. The courses are fully online and self-paced, and you do not need to be online at any particular time to complete your coursework.  

The Influence of the Gut Microbiome on Behavior


Are you curious about gut health? Don't miss our upcoming webinar diving into the dynamic connection between the gut microbiome and human behavior. Explore groundbreaking research on how dietary choices shape the microbiome, influencing behavior and mental health outcomes. Register Here: https://asu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIsf-mrqDIiG9XtL3wTe8wkJXDh2GTvOS-i

Weight Inclusive Health Certificate Program

Register for the next 10-week session in the Weight Inclusive Certificate Program, Weight Inclusive Foundations for Eating Disorder Care. The session is fully online and self-paced.